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How To Select Best Appliances for Your Home

How To Select Best Appliances for Your Home

Our Team subscribes to Consumer Reports which rates appliances for quality and then matches with price to create their best buy recommendations. For instance, the top rated blender is priced at $425, but the second ranked blender with a close score is $95. Contact us and we'll do a quick research and send you the Consumer Reports recomendations for the product you are purchasing. It's one more way we help you not only purchase and sell your house, but run it efficiently.

If you’re shopping for products from appliances to plumbing systems with optimal energy performance — and you are, right? — three rating programs (the Consortium on Energy Efficiency [CEE], Energy Star, and Energy Guide) can help.Energy Star is the name you likely know, but if truly stellar energy performance revs your motor, go straight to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE). 

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Seattle Area Sees Fewer Apartment Vacancies, Higher Rents

Seattle Area Sees Fewer Apartment Vacancies, Higher Rents

Things are looking up in Seattle's apartment market — if you're a landlord — with the region's vacancy rate dropping below 5 percent for the first time in several years. The vacancy rate kept dropping over the past few months while rents kept rising, according to two recently released reports. Both trends began a year or more ago. They will continue for at least the rest of this year.

Rising rents are helping make for-sale housing more competitive, Jones said, especially among entry- and midlevel consumers.For the most part, however, apartment buildings are filling up faster than condo projects. At The Bravern luxury project in downtown Bellevue, which converted from condos to apartments last year, a spokeswoman for developer Schnitzer West said about half the 443 units are leased — even though more than 200 didn't come on the market until October.

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12 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

12 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

Moving is complicated. It involves myriad activities and tasks that need to be coordinated to bring it all together. Without a plan, you will not have a full sense of what you need to accomplish, what help you will need, and how you will go forward to get everything done.

Hiring a moving company can be a substantial part of your moving budget. If you are moving from a large residence or moving a long distance, your moving services will likely cost thousands of dollars. Understand how these costs fit into your overall budget, and keep in mind other fees such as traveling to your new home, auto transport, temporary living expenses, insurance, etc.

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 Fall Maintenance Chores Save Money

Fall Maintenance Chores Save Money

Fall's nearly here; it's time to tackle home maintenance projects and improvements that can protect your home's value and prevent costly repairs. Below are some of the top maintenance projects for fall:
Furnace: Replace your old furnace filters with new ones. While you’re at it, clean out those ducts. If you've changed your filters regularly, you can just lift off the register covers and vacuum out the boots with a shop vacuum. If you haven't cleaned them in awhile, consider calling a professional duct cleaning service to handle this important chore.
Windows: If you’ve opened and closed your windows much during the warmer months, dirt and debris can gather at the seals and prevent them from sealing properly. In the coming months, heat will escape through small gaps. Take the time to go around the house and clean each window. Replace any worn-down weather stripping. If you have an older home with its original, wood-framed windows, check the outside of them for dried, flaking caulk. Replace it with weather-proof caulk made for windows.
Deck: If your deck has never been treated, do it now. Pressure wash the entire deck, let it dry for at least three hours, then rub on water sealer and let it dry. A weekend afternoon of work will add years to the life of your patio.
Roof: Critters will try and enter your home through the roof. Look out for lifting shingles, wood chips or shavings. Remove any damaged shingles to assess the damage. Purchase matching shingles and roof nails and replace damaged singles. For severe damage, call a professional roofer before the start of the rainy season. (Remember: Don't go up on a roof alone. Always have someone on the ground in case of an emergency.)
Gutters: Clear them of debris, make sure the downspouts are unobstructed, and check for any structural problems.
On a side note, fall is generally a slower season for many contractors. If you have any larger projects that require professional help, there's a chance you can save time and money by doing them in the fall.

It's time to tackle home maintenance projects and improvements that can protect your home's value and prevent costly repairs. One half day of tasks can potentially save thousands of dollars. Replace your old furnace filters with new ones. While you’re at it, clean out those ducts. If you've changed your filters regularly, you can just lift off the register covers and vacuum out the boots with a shop vacuum.

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Exterior Remodel Projects Offer Highest Return

Exterior Remodel Projects Offer Highest Return

Despite a slow market and a slight decrease in the resale value of most remodeling projects, Realtors report that the smartest home improvement investments may also be some of the least expensive. Results from the 2009 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report show that small-scale exterior projects are the most profitable at resale, according to estimates by Realtors who completed a recent survey.
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Recycling: A Refresher Course

Recycling: A Refresher Course

Most plastics are recyclable,” says Keith Christman, senior director of packaging at the American Chemistry Council Plastics Division, in Arlington, Virginia. The problem is, not all plastics are recyclable everywhere. Almost all recycling programs accept plastics numbered 1 and 2. (Look for the number on the underside of a product, inside the ubiquitous triangle of chasing arrows.) But the numbers are not regulated federally; 39 states have various rules, so what you see can be inconsistent.

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Estella said
"That is a beautiful shot with very good lighting ." about Women Consider Owning a Home to be a Vital Component of the American Dream
on Sunday, May 12, 2013 @ 9:57 AM

Chris White - Team Leader said
"Unfortunately you are not alone. It's more than an outcry. The powers that be really need to come down harder on Bofa than they already are. Working on these short sale for over 2 years now I've uncovered down right fraud happening on the lenders parts. If they cared more about moving this country forward than protecting their own wallets then they would cut the red tape and approve these short sales in a timely manner. Our team made the wise decision to get BofA loans which were FHA or Freddie Mac backed, approved prior to listing on the market. Then we can list the home as "Price Approved" and close in 30 days. In this instance BofA does a full appraisal, rather than an incompetent "Broker Price Opinion" (nothing against agents but they have no idea how to make adjustments on comparable homes) and then the bank issues an "Approval To Participate" letter which dictates what price we can go on the market and take anything north of 88%. I really do hope your situation improves. " about Congressional Bill to Speed Up Short Sales
on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 @ 9:15 AM

Lisa Zeiner said
"We made an offer 4 months ago to BofA, and have heard nothing. It was a cash offer which is better than the zero money they are collecting now. And since the people don't care they are trashing the place, by the time BofA gets around to it our offer will be gone as the place is a mess!! Septic issues now, garbage being dumnped. All of this could have been avoided if BofA really wanted to correct their cash flow problem and sell these properties in a timely manner. They cry about cash but then do nothing intelligent to fix the problem" about Congressional Bill to Speed Up Short Sales
on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 @ 9:06 AM

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